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January 18, 2003 - 3:33pm NYC TIME BABY!!!
Mayor Bloomburg has proposed sending homeless people to live in a ship...why do people have a problem with this?? Think about it... he's taking HOMELESS people and giving them a HOME. Sure, security will have to be the biggest issue but what the fuck?! Personally, I would love to live on a cruise ship... there's a buffet, 2 or more bar/clubs, Internet connection, BINGO, etc... [well, assuming they're keeping those amenities] The only reason I would have to leave the boat would be to go to the bank or any other shit.

I blame Political Correctness for making this issue a bad idea. Say it with me.... HE'S GIVING HOMELESS PEOPLE, HOMES... pardon the pun, but beggars can't be choosers, plain and simple.

Send me on a cruise ship... as long as I can toke there, I have no problem

January 8, 2003 - 5:30pm NYC TIME BABY!!!
"Friends....How many of us need'em...Friends...."

What exactly defines a friendship? Perhaps understanding...openess... being able to overcome certain situations?? Well, this New Year has brought me 2 'new' friends. Both individuals I respect and will never hold a grudge no matter the situation, unless we're argueeing about Voltron being by far the BEST cartoon in history, I have to draw a line somewhere. It's a big deal when someone is able to reveall themselves to you and take a glance into their world, or overcome and dismiss any akward situation...or even telling the truth. Yes, friends ARE hard to come by....some keep their good intentions inside because they may be busy... others are always there and disguise it, but you know what they mean.

It looks like it's been a good year for me, my girlfriens and my circle of friends...oh, here's a little something something I've been up to recently. I'm currently a "model" for K-Swiss. You can find my photo spread in the February 2003 issue of The Source [with Ja Rule on the cover]. In the event you're not able to buy it.... your moment of zen...

Cease The Source K-Swiss Model

January 3, 2003 - 5:30pm NYC TIME BABY!!!
Happy New Year...had a great time at my friends house joined by my girl and some friends (you 420 pimp'er).

Racism is a crazy thing...besides being a bad thing. The fact that we're only one gene away of the monkey species and still continue to create havoc over someone's skin color is absurd. Stereotypes are a different story though. As much as we all hate'em, some of us do use stereotypes, but not with any negative pretense.

Yeah..that's about it....i'm fuckin' bored and thought I was going somewhere with this, but nah.....i'm done...blehhhhhh

December 31, 2002 - 2:30pm NYC TIME BABY!!!
A New Year is upon us.

Seems like only yesterday I was just celebrating last new years. What does it all mean tho? To me, it means a new beginning. A fresh start, so to speak. You break out the new calendar and start a fresh new year. Resolutions?? I guess you can say I have a few resolutions, but now having an excuse to do something I've wanted to do seems right now [did that make any sense?] I will continue to eat what I wanna eat, smoke what I wanna smoke and drink what I wanna drink. The things I would want to change are motivational things...putting a halt to some lazy tendencies I have. Perhaps finally going on vacation may be in the works, perhaps not.

So I will be going to a friends house for New Years. The plans are to have a great time, and that's what I plan on doing.

Here's some things I would like to say to the year of 2002....

Hey 2002, all good things have to come to an end. Although some parts may not have been the best, I'm not complaining. You've introduced me to some fun people, and tested my will on a couple of occasions. I guess I passed your test, so now I will meet your older brother, 2003. Worldwise, war was brought back into the light and someone has supposedly been cloned. Technology sure has grown. Unfortunately, this is uncontrollable. What does matter are the friends I currently meet up with. I am grateful for creating new bonds with old friends, those met in college and from back in the days. I am grateful for my beloved girlfriend, no matter the drama, we're always on top. So now I have to prepare for this new year. Am I afraid? Nah, I'm actually excited. There' been talk about getting an apartment with friends, if not, me and my girlfriend will get one. I'm taking yet another step into "The Real World." ...and finally, I will get PlayStation 2.

Well, 2002, you've shaped me into a better person, I thank you. You will be missed, but if we hold onto the past, we can't move forward. I must let go of you. I'll always have memories, pictures and some of you may linger, but this is goodbye. It's a new beginning, a bright clean beginning...take care.

December 27, 2002 - 10:30pm NYC TIME BABY!!!
So I'm sure you all heard about it. The organization ClonAid has claimed to have cloned the first human being, a female baby born by caesarean section. Is this guy completely nuts? Perhaps. Is what he's doing unethical? Depends. I'm at 50/50 with the debate of cloning. I'm all for cloning body parts, vital organs, and so on. Cloning a human being I'm not 100% sure it's a good thing, but I'm not convinced it's a bad thing either.

To give this little story a weird (as if it can't get any weirder) twist, the head of ClonAid has considered to speaking to Dracula. This shit just suddenly took a turn from weird to just plain bizzare. Dracula?!? WTF?!?

Folks, it was bound to happen...I'm not too sure I would want this technology in the hands of someone who happens to be friends of Dracula, then again, I always wanted to be a vampire.

December 25, 2002 - 2:40am NYC TIME BABY!!!
Michael Jackson's idiotic actions + Flash Animation = A VIDEO GAME!!!
Click here to play the Michael Jackson Baby Drop Game

Merry Christmas to all you out there.

December 22, 2002 - 2:16am NYC TIME BABY!!!
Move over 'Making of a band', here's 'Making of a saint'

Mother Teresa is in the process of becoming a modern day saint. While I never doubt the good will, and good faith of anyone, the Pope is considering her a saint for performing a miracle on an Indian women, curing her form cancer. Is that what it took for her to become a saint? How about her countless efforts to making this world a better place to some unfortunate people? Doesn't that constitute anyone from being a saint? She's paid her dues not for the money...not for the fame...but for the shear thought of compassion, the same compassion we all take for granted sometimes. I'm not a big fan of religion, but I do respect its effort in providing hope and faith.

But there a catch to all this?? Being the cynical bastard I am, i pondered this thought.

Good people should be honored period, but aking this course if action would strengthen the Christian religion wouldn't it?

"Look, we have Saints...and you may have seen her on TV!!!"

I could be completely wrong, but I bring this theory and wonder what you guys think? Also, I, in no means at all, mean to trash this religion...just throwing something out there people could build their opinions off of, or maybe just tell me different.

click here for the complete story

December 20, 2002 - 12:16am NYC TIME BABY!!!
'Tis the season to get sloppy drunk, and waste money well earned. Ahh, Christmas. What was once a celebration of the birth of Jesus, has become one of Hallmarks most profitable holidays. Is it irony that all these religious holidays fall in the same month? Walk into any Gift & Card shop and see the aisles lined up with Chanukah, Kwanza, and Christmas cards...where are the birth of Jesus cards though?? Not that I would buy one, unless for pure humor, but it makes you think...or maybe not.

Wear your socks inside out. Thanks to "Saving Forresster" (a great film), there's a scene where he explains that sock designers poorly sewed the seams on the inside of a sock...simple solution...wear'em inside out. I've been wearin'em like that for about a week and it feels like walking on air...covered by 90% cotton & 10% polyester fabric.

Lastly, what the fuck is up with the world???

"..In the jungle...Welcome to the jungle...Watch it bring you to your.sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-.knees, knees..ugghhhh...I wanna watch you BLEED"

December 14, 2002 - 12:16am NYC TIME BABY!!!
This may be a little late to post, but then again, it's never too late pay homage to one of Rap's pioneers. R.I.P. Jam Master Jay

R.I.P. Jam Master Jay

December 11, 2002 - 6:50pm NYC TIME BABY!!!
Hello World.

Seems like that the MTA wants to walk out as early as Sunday. The reason why they're doing this is because they want a 24% raise every 3 years. Granted everyone deserves a raise for doing a good job, but 24% every 3 years??And to everyone? That's a bit too much.

Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks
Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks
Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks
Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks Sprint PCS Sucks

...ok, got that out the way. PeAcE

December 9, 2002 - 11:30pm NYC TIME BABY!!!
Hey Folks, better late than never is what I say.

While watching a porn flick with my chick (er, girlfriend), I noticed the dude in the scene struck a familiar face. You know him as the son of God, I know him as... Jesus, The Porn Star.

This guy looked like Jesus, no joke. It wasn't me who actually pin pointed it, it was out of the demented mind of my girlfriend. While Jesus was performing a fellatio act on a young woman, thoughts about Jesus entered my twisted mind. Jesus was the son of God right? So, did he use that to his advantage with the women? Like, would Jesus say, "Hey,, did I mention my dad is the creator of this world and you...let's fuck!" Also, did he poses a supreme sexual power? Again, he IS THE SON OF GOD, I'm sure his dad would've blessed him with a huge penis, or "emaculate ejaculate." Once the jesus-sex talk got boring, I pondered other strange thoughts like, Did Jesus fart?... and if so, would he ever say it was him or blame someone else, like Judas? Did Jesus pick his nose?

If you happen to have the answers to this, please eMail me at and I will gladly post your answer on this site.

Until next time peeps....peace

November 27, 2002 - 9:30pm NYC TIME BABY!!!
So Thanksgiving is approaching us. Time to spend quality time with family and put away the daily squabbles and rid away with the premeditated food fights that mingle in your crazy mind. What's a day off from work and getting stuffed with turkey do? Well, it's just a nice reason to prepare with rolling a nice phattie. So to all you guys who are spending this Thanksgiving with or without family, remember, it's times like this that makes smoking weed well worth it...

Happy Toke, I mean, Happy Thanksgiving!!!

November 22, 2002 - 9:30pm NYC TIME BABY!!!

After a very long hiatus (one month), I decided to come back to speak my voice.

First on the agenda is Whitney Houston. While thinking that Calista Flockhart was the envy of all Walking Stick insects, Whitney has proven me wrong. The mixture of crack and doing nothing in tha past two years has taken a once powerful muscian into a walking stick. Is she following the smae steps as Michael Jackson? And speaking of weirdo's, what's up with Mike?? A visit to this site, click here, and you will see the the downward spiral of this one time musical prodigy. He now dangles his "son" over a balconey and then releases a statement saying that he was "caught up in the excitment." If this is what he does when he's excited, I'd hate to see him in, really, I'd hate to see that.

In other news, I've moved...turned a couple of jobs and making "ehhh" money.

I will be back with more rants in the, tomorrow.

Sit tight,

October 22, 2002 - 9:30pm NYC TIME BABY!!!

After a long wait, I'm back, with a bunch of news also...

The MD Sniper is now on the loose. All the media whores are out in full gear covering this miracle. Why and how is this a miracle? Easy, the news on Afghanistan got boring, all the George W. Bush jokes are over and the news have been pretty boring. I mean who really cares about what happens to Martha Stewart, we all know she's the devil. This diranged, but intectual, sniper has managed to boost the ratings for CNN and MSNBC FOXNews, not since the Miners stuck in that hole have the media whores given a 25hour a day (yeah, 25 hour) dedication to anything in the news. The irony is this, being from NY you're not likely of being shot by one person, but by a whole city. In their case, they don't know the killer, in us NY'ers case, we would know who the shooter is and he'll get out in 10yrs. Oh the irony, too many to explain.

Oh yeah, I got Microsoft Office 2001 for free!!! Gotta love the internet...heheh, SUCKERS!

September 28, 2002 - 3:30am NYC TIME BABY!!!
SPRINT PCS SUCKS!!! Yes, Sprint PCS sucks huge dog balls. Why such anger towards a bunch of retards (no offense to "retarded" ppl)? Well, my girlfriend closed her Sprint PCS account in May, so on July 15 she received a letter from the rejects at Sprint PCS stating a credit of $53. So she calls, and they tell her that it should take 4-6 weeks to receive the check for $53...keep in mind that she called in July, right after the sent that letter stating the credit. She then calls after about a month and they tell her, "Oh, that person must've made a mistake, it's 6-8 weeks to be processed and then get sent." [dumb bitch] Then, she calls again in August, and they tell her to wait a few more days. Well, today, 3 months later, she waits almost an hour on the phone to find out what the hell is going on, she's told, "We have no idea what happebned to the check. We're gonna have to do some research cause we don't know what happened. We're gonna have to make another check, so that should take another 4-6weeks." Nothing happened to the check, they just NEVER SENT IT!!!! Research?? What research? The dumbasses never sent the check...soooo, now by the time she'll get her check for $53, she would have waited about 6 months...but knowing Sprint PCS, it'll take double that amount of time.

I sympathize with all you ppl who dispise Sprint PCS as I and my girlfriend do. Their customer service is horrible, not to mention their little down south attitude, their rates and services suck, and their plans are expensive as fuck. Sure now they have the new phones with games and color....BIG FUCKING SHYT!!! I guess they have to hide the 99% of crap they have with offereing these stupid phones. If I wanted to have a handheld game, I think I'd get a Gameboy Advance, not a piece of shyt phone.

Here are a few helpful sites who address this problem and are doing something about it...

September 28, 2002 - 3:30am NYC TIME BABY!!!
Yet again, I slack...

It has been a while since I last updated. What, with moving and all, time has been the drug I long to have time for...if that makes any sense at all. Well my fellow comrades, I'd like to thank those you actually eMailed regarding the absence of my words, if not for you, I'd have nobody to thank,so there ya go, heheh.

Sit back, realax and get ready to hear some REALLY intense shyt. There's a foul stench brewing...and no it's not Anna Nicloe Smith opening her mouth, I speak of a more twisted self poison, being prepared to be unleashed onto your dulless eyes..MUAHAHAHAHAH!!! ...well, enough of such tormented words, be sure to read some really funny, sometimes sad, but mostly funny shyt to come!!

September 11, 2002 - 2:30am NYC TIME
It's 9/11 again. I remember that day like a vivid nightmare, but unfortunately this was real. People falling from buildings, loose paper unaware of the catastrophe that was around them. Tears flowed around the world, hearts felt empty, fears became reality. While I don't know anyone that passed away personally, it goes without saying that we all lost something that day.

Not to sound cheesy, but MTV has a quote that goes, "Looking back, Moving Forward" and that's what we gotta do, move forward.

On a lighter note, check out, it's self-explanatory

September 9, 2002 - 2:30am NYC TIME BABY!!!
Well, it's yet again another month. This one should be an interesting one. With 9/11 on the horizon, I'm sure the media whores will be blasting the same news over and over again. Not to say anything bad about what happened, but if we're supposed to "get over it", showing us ways to make dirty bombs, and how easy it is to sneak weapons into airports, let alone sneaking uranium into planes [for mutant experimentation???] isn't the way to help some people get over their fears.

Will anything happen on 9/11 again? I seriously doubt it, the only bombs going off that day will be The Anna Nicole Smith Show. *rimshot*

Due to lack of sleep and increase of 420, I'm gonna put the POT'eM off for a day or two... or until my brain salvages the little amount of brain cells I have clinging for dear life, or cell life?? whatever

Before the tetra-hydro-cannabinol makes me forget this, I wanna say what's up to all the new peeps checking this site out... I'm not sure how you got here, but hopefully a majority of you didn't come here looking for "Kelly Rippa" [and you thought a rock is dumb?], "Tony Danza Porn", or any other weird variation of sick, but interesting, shit... Welcome... enjoy your stay...also, wassup to all those poor souls at SBU...may god be with you, or aquire a nice bank account, I'd go for the latter, god doesn't give you food poisoning from Deng Lee's... or does he?!? Damn that man or women or entity-person thingy...whatever.


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